happy friday!

i've gotten into the habit of wishing you all a happy friday with a photo and a few words.
i like moving into the weekend this way.

the weather today is a bit dreary here in portland. (not unusual for winter)
and my head is filled with congestion. (not unusual this season either.)
which makes me feel dreary.

(i originally posted this photo here.)

thankfully sun has been predicted in the next few days
and my anticipation of restored health is high.
(this is where the "happy" of happy friday comes into play.)

that seems to be a pattern i feel deeply here in portland:

the hope of spring growing in my winter soul.
(i spoke of it last year in the same post with the picture above.)

like seeing a glimmer of light in the tiniest of raindrops.

tonight we're off to engage in WORKS an arts event that our church 
and the peoples art of portland sponsor
as "a gift to and promotion of the arts community in portland."
it will be a great event to attend if you're local and wanting an evening to connect with the arts.

happy friday to the rest of you!
i'll leave you with another quote to ponder from n.d. wilson
in his book notes from a tilt-a-whirl

g. k. chesterson "art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere."
what is art?
you are. 
and the mayfly.  and every wasp novel ever lived.  
and the hard winter overthrown by spring.
motherhood. grass. jupiter. your annoying neighbor.
art is.


Angie Davis said...

praying for many spring days for you to come - both in weather and soul. i'm loving the subtle truth of the gospel in your photos and words. and chesterson's words....wow.

and love what your church is doing!

Jean Joiner said...

happy art night!