bookish behavior.

while i was on vacation,
i read nonstop.
i read the girl who kicked the hornet's nest,
little bee,
as the world spins,
and began water for elephants.

i love to read like that~ 
to lose myself in stories for hours.

but when i'm home, it's a different situation.
i tend to read a number of books at the same time.
and i take a long time to finish anything.
(sometimes never.)

these are the books i'm currently in the middle of:
for those of you who have read hunger games
i read the first one before i left for my trip
because nic wanted to read it
and i wanted to make sure it was okay.

i was totally engrossed!
then one day last week, 
nic surprised me with catching fire
that he checked out from the school library~ for me!
i thought that was pretty sweet.
i finished it last week,
and then oliver surprised me with mocking jay
just yesterday. ;)
(now i have a crush on both of my boys.)
and i love these books.

you're probably here hoping you might have won 

i had a VERY official drawing
where i made oliver choose one number from the twenty comments
(without seeing who was who)
and he chose:
which ironically is his aunt
and my dear sister!!

(please don't accuse me of cheating. i/we didn't.)
thanks to all for playing along.


Jean Joiner said...

Yay! I've never won anything from a blog before even though I try lots. Tell Oliver Thank you!!!

Abby said...

Katie- I'm in love with the hunger games trilogy too! I sure hope you've read Collin's other series: Gregor the Overlander. It is awesome and perfect for your boys.

Allison said...

Congrats, Jean! This IS a small world.

Katie, I finished "Noted from the Tilt-a-Whirl" late last year and LOVED it. What do you think so far? And I'm also in the middle of "Grace-Based Parenting" -- like you, I read multiple books at once while at home, and then on vacation I gobble down 3-4 in a row, usually all fiction.

Would love to know what you think of the Missional Mom book. And I suppose this is yet another sign I need to get on board with The Hunger Games trilogy. One day!

jess said...

your "to read" pile looks a lot like mine. lots of the same titles :) i'm very much the same way at home. many books being read at the same time.
and speaking of unfinished books... did you and BP watch the pillars of the earth miniseries? jamie and i loved it!