the gift of a snow day.

hours of snow play before breakfast.
warm pancakes.
more snow.
cold cheeks.
big smiles.
a mini dirty snowman.
pretend play.
tomato soup.
our home covered in a wintery blanket.
and even a little time for me to sneak away and blog! ;)

i love that portland shuts down for snow.
(feels like life in the south...)

we played outside from 7-10 with a little pancake break in between.
the snow completely melted away by lunch,
but now, it's snowing like crazy again.
and the excitement around here is building. ;)


Jean Joiner said...

so great! love that they are getting snow off of your car.

Angie Davis said...

so fun to see! i honestly didn't recognize O though. he has changed so much!