sew can i.

can you sew?
sew can i.

sort of.

without a pattern.
and with many mistakes.

i will finish one day.

and in that same post,
i mentioned the shirt dress.
(scroll down to the end.)
i'm going to get to that as well.

but a few other quick sewing projects i've been wanting to try
are a simple skirt and
a pillow case dress.
(i made both yesterday!)

here are a few pictures of the skirt i made.
(if anyone is interested in learning how to make one
~without a pattern~
i'd be happy to show my process.)

my friend liz made this skirt and swore it was easy.
(it was)
and i think she originally got a free pattern from oliver + s.
a place where real sew-ers(?), seamstresseseses(?) 
(what do i call you people?)
hang out.

it's a super cute site...
but like i said, i have an aversion patterns. ;)

i had two fat quarters of this:
 abigail's skirt that i used for sizing:
 an idea for adding another fabric at the bottom:
 and the skirt:
(all of which cost me about $6 and two hours of time.)

and my reward was a happy girl:
 swirling and dancing
and looking so sweet.
especially with that special smile she's wearing these days!!
she's wearing the dress i made today! 
i'll post pictures soon. 

happy st. patrick's day!


kt_chen said...

Love it! I've used the same Oliver&S skirt pattern for all three of my girls, and you're right, they are easy and so pretty!

Kayla's working on her first quilt too. We'll have to share notes sometime...

Such a joy to work on making something pretty! Good job!!

Meg said...

I saw the skirt yesterday and Abi and Kohan were so proud to tell me that you made it! Abi said, "She made a dress for me too!" I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to ask you to show me how to do it..maybe we could get the crew together during the break and u could show me?? By the way, I'm amazed at all that you do!

Jean Joiner said...

camille's b-day is april 23. :)

ruth s. said...

I'm so impressed, you are so talented.xo.

Lizard said...

YAY!! It looks so great!

keri said...

hooray. you made a skirt. and its cute! can't wait to see the dress. and those quilts :)

amylumc said...

hey! super cute. Abigail is stylin.

and i hate patterns too. I just made this dress in about 1.5 hours and for $9: http://littleredroost.blogspot.com/2010/05/alice-dress.html

but there are also tons of free patterns here that i just recently found:http://thinkliz.com/free-sewing-patterns/

Roni said...

You need a like button. Super cute skirt.

Dado said...

I am so "prowd" of YOU!!
(You can sew w/out a pattern bec. creative people can see things that aren't there and make them a reality!)
I love your skirt AND your model AND her cute little tights/jeggings! I feel lots of cute summer clothes comin' on!

Angie Davis said...

so cute! you sew like me, so maybe i will attempt this one day too!