do you own original art?

i love having art in my home.
art that inspires
and causes me to reflect.

art that adds beauty
to my (often undone) home.

art that makes me consider
the artist's creative
work and life.

recently, we added a new piece to our collection.
it lives in our living room:
 in a really unique place:
 we're pretty sure
couch art will become the new trend.
 feel free to copy us.
ink on couches is all the rage!

oh, you want to know who the artist is??
i'll give you one hint:
for a small fee, 
(i'll pay you.)
i'll send him to your home
where he can produce
your very own piece
of original art.


Ruth s. said...

please, Katie, please, become a children's book author, I guarantee you'll be famous. You've got the illustrator...

emilymr said...

We've got an artist from that school, too!! He specializes in hotel art, unfortunately. :P

keri said...

i just keep going back to the top photo to see those new chairs you have! i love them...they look really fun. (oh and sorry about the couch art. eeeek. evan likes to sign his autograph on things like his dresser and the back of the van seats)

elizabeth dark wiley said...

very, very clever! I love it. And that first photo! If peace and tranquility were a place, that room would be it.

Angie Davis said...

first of all, loved seeing the first photo! beautiful. i was thinking, "well, the chairs could be considered art....or the pillow?". love the chairs - where did you get them?

i hope you will leave the art. too cute (b/c it didn't happen at my house ;)

Laura said...

Your chairs are awesome! Can we color on your couch with Elliot when we visit?

Tubby4AUCzar said...
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jess said...

those chairs rock. and you have quite the budding artist!
one of the many reasons i love you is that you take things like this in stride and laugh about it.

we have a similar piece of work inside the wall of our van and on the headrest as well ;)