sister friends.

abigail walked into our room this morning 
asking if we could adopt a six year old sister.
she said she knew it would cost a lot, but please consider it.

she said she feels lonely
and hears her older brothers talking and enjoying one another.

i offered to move elliot into her room
but that didn't seem to console her.

i have a feeling it has something to do with
spending a wonderful weekend this dear friend:
and her family.

they left us on monday.
julia left this sweet note for abi:
 and they exchanged these pictures:

they also exchanged early birthday gifts.
(they are ten days apart~ both born in may.)

and basically stayed together the entire visit.
abigail loves to share that she and julia have been friends
since they were one and a half.

when abigail was young,
i asked her why she loved julia so much.
she replied,
"because her is so beautiful."

i think she still feels the same.

and we're all thankful for the gift of friends visiting.
(come back soon!)

ps: after we talked about how a six year old sister 
might not always be so fun to have around,
abigail said she would like a two year old sister named lilly instead.
i guess if she can't have a julia,
she'll settle for julia's sister. ;)


Jean Joiner said...

tell her next time allen comes to portland he'll bring camille and she can be a 3 year old cousin! :)

Cara said...

As someone who grew up with 3 brothers and put "a sister" on my Christmas list every year, I have to say, I'm with Abigail on this one!