a baby marks time.

i had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful family of six this spring.
i've shown some of their other child and family portraits here and here.

they are scheduled to move tomorrow.
(you can read more of their life here. you'll love them.)
and i was thinking about how hectic their lives must feel right now.

time is swirling past them.
and this little one might already look so much bigger.

babies have a way of making us notice
time that has come and gone.

just when the repetition of our lives
make us feel that we're circling instead of constantly moving forward,
we see it in a babies face.

their hands fill out.
their feet become more stable.
they find their voice,
their laugh,
their cry.

their eyes fill with wonder.
they move forward with delight.
waiting for the new day,
the next thing,
their adventure.

and we get to watch
time pass
in a really beautiful way.


to the golby family:
i'm praying for your transition! 
i know you will be missed dearly in california.
and please give your children hugs from me!

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Embrace the Circus said...

Katie, I revisited this post today (I remember reading it in California, but the chaos kept me from commenting)... it's so very true!

The move has been a big blur -- like a big time black hole -- but Luke is so clearly changing, right in the midst of it. My tiny baby is now pulling up and standing, crawling through the piles of packing paper and right up the stairs!

Thanks again for so beautifully capturing this time in our lives. Your work is a treasure.