how to host a tiny tea party:

first send out the tiny invitations.
then start with tiny take out boxes for party favors:
 fill them with tiny treasures:
 like a tiny puzzle eraser:
 and a teeny tiny pencil:
(also tiny bubbles and a tiny pack of smarties)
 make a tiny sign to welcome your tiny guests:
 be sure to hang a big magnifying lens
so they can read the tiny sign.
 decorate with as many tiny decorations that you can think of:
like tiny balloons and tiny jars for tea light candles:
hang water balloons to mimic real balloons.
and make tiny pompoms.
fill bowls with tiny food:
(blueberries, cherries, oyster crackers,
mini marshmallows, mini gold fish, baby carrots, etc.)
make a tiny little birthday cake,
mini cupcakes, mini brownies, mini sandwiches and mini hotdogs.

make a tiny little banner for the tiny little birthday cake:
fill tiny pinatas (minatas!)
miniature carnations for the birthday girl:
 give your little brother a huge magnifying lens.
(along with the other invited guests,
so they can see everything.)
 invite your big brothers to be mini waiters.
(they just might end up being the hit of the party!)
play mini games, like a mini art contest, 
the minatas, and mini kick ball.

and last,
expect BIG smiles!


Jean Joiner said...

amazing...i want to come to a tiny tea party. you are awesome, kate!

Laura said...

The minatas are the best! What a great party!!!

Dado said...

I am SICK I missed this day!! Thanks for getting us as close as possible.

NO WONDER she was brokenhearted to have to delay this party!

ps..tell the electrical engineer the shock was totally worth it! LOVE the new fixture!

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

Love all of it. And I'm super impressed with her ability to pack her tiny plate to the rim with tiny foods for her tiny self. You inspire.

Brian the Husband said...

i like that you love planning parties so much that i only have tiny responsibilities

Cara said...

Absolutely the BEST birthday party idea I've ever heard of. Love it in all its tininess!

BKicklighter said...

Every single bit was precious. I'm filing this away. What a beautiful beautiful party!!!

lara said...

katie, she will always remember this very special birthday party. you won't be able to top this party in future years! cute the way the boys helped...and the pic of elliott with the magnifying glass is just precious. thanks for sharing!

keri said...

super tiny adorable! it turned out so sweet. and my favorite pick is of abi at the bottom. and the minatas...oh my! couldn't get any tinyer :)

jessica said...

You throw the best birthday parties ever! I am totally copying this. Love every beautiful creative detail.

Angie Davis said...

so sweet! and i love seeing her happy face!