a big birthday celebration:

we celebrated ABIGAIL's seventh birthday
with a tiny tea party.

we had tiny little invites:
(held in abi's tiny little hand.)
 and tiny little magnifying lenses
to read them with:
and tiny little plastic bags to send them in:
 with the lenses slipped into the back:
sealed with a little birdie sticker:
(you should always put a bird on it.)
 and handed them out to
a tiny group of friends:


i ended up handwriting the invites because we invited just a few friends.
through the years, i've become more comfortable
with keeping birthday parties smaller and more manageable.
we typically try to invite the same amount of kids
and the age of the birthday child.

this one was sweet...
i'll share more soon!


Laura said...

LOVE this!

Jean Joiner said...

ADORABLE!! I love them.

keri said...

so so incredibly cute (& tiny). and i love that you hand wrote each one!

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

so very cool. It looks like a perfect mother/daughter collaboration.

Dado said...

you gals are TOOO much!
adorable and cleaver!

thnx for sharing!

Renee Zempel said...

so, so cute! you are such a fun mom. : ) can't wait to see more!