happy friday | 5.13.11

it's been a happy friday indeed around here.

b and i have been living life like tag team wrestlers lately.
one walking in the door,
as the other heads out.

our family has been stretched a little thin
due to being over scheduled.

so we played hooky today.
kept the kids home from school,
packed up the car,
and headed to a beautiful park to splash in the river and play.

the kids roamed around freely,
as did stella,
and brian and i actually had time to talk and read!!

it was beautiful
and necessary.

and definitely happy!

more later.
happy friday to you all!


Angie Davis said...


Laura said...

Sounds perfect!

keri said...

yay for playing hooky! i'm glad your crazy life stopped for a moment so you could remember who you love. :)

Jean Joiner said...

so glad for you! we had such a great friday too! allen's home! love you.

Dado said...

I always look forward to your "Happy Fridays". So glad YOU ALLL had a good one!