sixteen years ago...

i was about to graduate from college. (1995)
i had lived on the same hall, 
in the same dorm room for three years of college.
three of these girls lived with me that whole time.

early on after graduation, 
it was a bit easier to keep in touch.
we all lived in the south... and weren't quite so rooted down into our own lives.

but now that's a different story.
there's more distance between us... we live in portland, san francisco and atlanta.
and more children too... seventeen in all.
but very quickly,
when we're back together,
it's like all those years and miles have been erased.
and we're just college girls again...
and sharing.
and hoping we can encourage one another
to grow and live more fully.

maybe that's why these relationships are so profound~
when you meet each other during such a transformational part of life,
your relationships continue to move in that way.
we're used to changing together.

and we have.
and it's good.

none of us are forty yet,
and i think we all realize how much we still have to learn.
there is beauty and freedom in that.

and it's even more beautiful to learn and grow together.
               (left- right: amy, me, keri, jodi, wendi)                         
it wasn't easy, but we pulled a reunion off.
a little more than a week ago,
these four came to portland...
we took in the city for a few days and then drove out to the coast.

all of us had to work hard to make it happen...
but like most things of value,
the effort was worth it.

i guess more than anything,
i want to say thanks to amy, keri, jodi, and wendi
for giving the time and money to connect again.
(and a special thanks to my b and the husbands for being so willing too!)
i miss you all and look forward to sharing more life with you.

(and i want to encourage all of you to make time to reconnect! it's worth it.)


keri said...

i definitely feel like a college girl again when i'm with you all. so good for my soul to be there. can't wait for our next time already!

April Barber said...

You all have inspired me. What a treat for you all.