life or death?

i was recently away at fifth grade camp
with nic and 60 other fifth graders.

we were on a tour at northwest trek
and i was struck by the contrast of these dying stumps
in an open field with the back ground of lively woods.

i have no idea why they are like that.
but i love the image.
and because i can't help but think of my life in analogy form
i immediately thought about
how often i choose to live in a very dull, death oriented way
like choosing activities to avoid and escape my life
and choosing to complain about every little this and that.
 or choosing to live in a self oriented way.
consumed with my pleasure, my wealth, my happiness.
and pushing against those people and things that get in my way.
 this isn't life.
and honestly, when i live moments or days like that,
i can feel empty.

the very thing i'm longing for
-some sort of peace-
escapes me.
but when i have these other moments 
when i am able to rise above
this sort of death living,
i sense true
settling into my soul.

when i choose to spend my life not on escape
or on self
(which happens less than i'd truly like)
when i choose to instead serve others
especially THE other,
i am acknowledging
my life is not my own.
it has been given as a gift
by the one who made
the trees,
the stumps,
the fields
and me.

he promises to give us life that is truly life.


Allison said...

Love this. Thanks for the reminder. I pray I would acknowledge this with my actions every day.

Meg said...

Well said, as usual Katie.