happy friday | 6.3.11

(disclaimer: this photo was actually taken over thanksgiving of 2010, in mobile, al...
when abigail still had her baby teeth.)

it's not quite summer here.
our kids have eight days of school left, including today.
it still feels like spring here
with stormy unpredictable weather.
i'm still wearing boots and sweaters, 
but today, i sit expectantly with a tank top on.

we've been promised a warm sunny day
today and saturday: 75* today and 85* tomorrow!! 

i can promise you
all of portland will be outside
basking in it.

including us.
(though i'm not exactly sure what we'll be doing.)
what are your friday activities??

hope it's a happy friday y'all!!


Dado said...

Yes...I saw your "sunny day" in the USA Today paper this morning & was SOOO happy for you guys! ENJOY!!

Angie Davis said...

happy for you, yet a bit envious of your summer! born and raised here, and yet the heat is still shocking every year! fridays are actually our pool days (mom's neighborhood has one, so she gets to babysit a babe).