happy friday | 7.15.11

 why, yes! it is true.
glad you were paying attention.
 you certainly have a good chance of winning.
the giveaway isn't only happening once this summer.

you just have to leave a comment
(and a way for me to contact you)
and then you're entered to win.
yeah, so that means,
even some one as adorable as you could win.
or even someone who misspells "lil ol' me"
or even someone who is in my family
or who has known me forever
or who has never even heard of katieprentiss photography 
in their whole entire boring life.

anyone can win.
well, i can't guarantee anything....
just enter.

here's what you need to do:
remember all of those prints i've been showing on my blog?
especially on our 'happy fridays'?
maybe there was that one that you really wanted.
we'll now is your chance to get it.

consider it my little way of saying thanks for coming around here all those times. ;)

step one:
go to my website:

step two:
click on the clients section on the bottom right corner.

i've created a little gallery just for you all.
the password is: abitbehind
(shhhhhh! it's really top secret.)

step three:
browse through the photos and pick your favorite.
then, dream of all the happy places you would enjoy seeing it.

step four:
 leave a comment here including which is your favorite.
and a way to contact you.
the giveaway is for an 8x10 (8x8) or smaller.

you may also leave a comment about how cute my little model is in these photos
or about the weather you're experiencing or the gas prices these days or...
well, you get the idea.

the giveaway closes on monday at midnight.
spread the word.
or be selfish and keep it quiet. ;)

i'll be adding more in coming weeks to the gallery, so check back.
if there's a print you've seen on my blog that you'd like and i haven't included, let me know!


also, keep in mind,
if you don't win and would still like to own one of the prints,
i'm happy to sell them to you.
and actually, if you purchase one this week,
i'd like to give you 50% off!!

5x5/5x7 cost $25, so they'll be $12.50
8x8/8x10 cost $40, so they'll be $20.
(certainly, if you're interested in something larger, just message me!)
(email me at kprentissphotography(at)gmail(dot)com)

happy friday!!
and happy browsing.


Meg said...

Yay! Doing it now!!

Lizard said...

My absolute favorite one is Flower 6. The close up of the white and yellow flower. I love that its a close study and soft at the same time. I love the sunset-like colors.

its very peaceful and beautiful.

Heh, you know where to find me.

Meg said...

Love the purple flowers photo #5, because it makes me wonder what is down that green path beyond them..sparks my imagination...daydreamy....

April Barber said...

I love the strawberries b/c it reminds me of the day the summer my girl and I went to pick them at a local farm. I would hang it in our kitchen for her to look at while she eats them! :)

Allison said...

My favorite is the #4 flowers photo-- I love the pinks and purples against the blue sky.

And why yes that must be the cutest subject to photograph! Of course, if you come to ATL anytime soon I might need you to take some newborn family photos which might just outdo her! ;)

Jean Joiner said...

Allen and I like photo #5 too. It's beautiful. I'm your sister though and I've already won one giveaway...loved Little Bee by the way! I might make a purchase soon. :)

Those photos of that little cutie for this post is adorable. Can I schedule a photo session for my almost 9 month old while we're there? Love you!

Angie Davis said...

i was browsing through, having such a hard time deciding...then i came to the petals in the sidewalk cracks and knew one of them would be my pick! no, they aren't as amazingly beautiful as the others, but the significance of it - beauty in the broken....well, i need to be reminded of that everyday! i would either put it inmy living room to see all the time, or in my bedroom which is gray.

Tracey Shell said...

Love your prints! And, love the creative giveaway invite with your super cute subject:) So, I really like too many of them, but my fav right now is probably #16. I just love the colors and the field contrasted with the sky makes me wonder which half is more beautiful! I would hang it in my (desperately in need of inspiration) home office.

keri said...

i want all of them. ok. thanks.

Embrace the Circus said...

I love 15. I love all the green... and the path...

But, seriously, I love that cutie in your blog post pics. And boy, do I miss her. And her family. But I can't look at Vivi without smiling. Can anyone?

SardineInk said...

2. no, 3. no, 4. no, 10. um, 15??

2, that's my final decision...i think...

and then i keep getting drawn to 11.

lately I've been feeling the need to really live in our space - which would involve hanging more things on the walls... about 40% of what is already hung in our space is your artwork so it would be fitting to add another!

Kari said...

They are all beautiful. I have been wanting to get some lovely prints of food and make a set of them, so I think I like the blueberries the best.

Cara said...

Ooooh...so hard to choose! BUT red is my absolute favorite color (we even have a red couch!), so I have to go with the first one--Flowers 1--with the hopeful, simple buds against a blue sky. Might just be the perfect photo for the entrance to our little guy's room...

Allison said...

I love #1, with #11 coming in a close second. OOOOh, I hope I win! allisonandmitch@gmail.com

michelle repolles said...

i love all of them, but my favorite is the 1st one. it would be the perfect touch of red in my apartment.

human typewriter said...

Hi Katie -- Coming out of the woodwork to say that all of your photos are beautiful and your blog is so heartfelt! We particularly like the the first one 1/21 - flowers-1.jpg for its bright burst of color on a crisp, winter morning. Contact us through FB! -- Elaine & Jimmy

BKicklighter said...

I love the strawberries. Just love love the picture of the strawberries. It would go in my kitchen and I would smile at it regularly. Oh, and the gas prices here are as ridiculous as the heat.

Amstr said...

I thought it appropriate that I made it just under the wire for your deadline. (I'm a bit behind myself, these days. OK, I have been for a long time, really.)

My fave is #1. I love the blue in that photo, and I think it would look lovely on the wall in my room, so it could be one of the first things I see in the morning.

You know how to find me. :) A-M

Laura said...

Ha! Maybe I'm the last in under the deadline!!! I can't see them because I'm without flash, but I live them all I'm sure! And I think your model is the cutest, but I might be biased! Loved being with you tonight! Xo