sewing for boys.

 i knew if i sewed something for elliot,
he would wear it.
he's four.

he doesn't care about what he wears...
unless of course it's a spiderman costume...
but you get the point.

other children in the house asked to have something made too.

when i saw this fabric at cool cottons near my house
it seemed perfect for some summer pj bottoms for my 10 and 11 year olds.

i mean who doesn't love pacman?
(i have a space invaders version too that i'm going to make for nic.)

i'd love to hear what else any of you have sewn for boys. 
i have long term plans for quilts,
we've made library totes,
and now pjs, but i'm not sure what else i could make for them?


travelingstacey said...

Those are so cool, Katie! I love the pacman print! And space invaders...awesome! What about the drawstring backpacks, overnight bags, laundry bag, or shoe holder? You're so creative, Katie!

Karen Bowers said...

Very fun happy shorts! As to sewing for boys, young boys at least let their mom sew them floppy hats.

And Jeremy and I are hard at work on his Halloween costume already. I figured I'd need a lot of time. He's going to be the Egyptian crocodile god Sobek. Um yeah, complicated, not something you can just buy off the rack or even find online to knock off. Crocodile mask to create, pharoah headdress, bracelets, ankle bracelets, a skirt (unless the school insists he cannot be topless) and the fancy collar.

Roni said...

This lovely lady has three boys and she sews for them. And she's a great writer, takes lovely photos, etc.



Jean Joiner said...

What about a cool necktie? I have a friend that makes soccer balls for gifts stuffed with cotton stuffing. So cute.

Jean Joiner said...

So funny...Everett knew this was Oliver from the pic even though I didn't tell him this was your blog. He just said he knew it was Oliver because we were about to go to their house. :)

Papa said...

wow. whose feet are those?! This could be one big boy when when he reaches high school...

BKicklighter said...

Dana, on the blog MADE, has a yearly "Celebrate the Boy" thingy and there's 60 ideas for sewing for boys. Such eye candy and great ideas.