happy friday | 9.16.11

i'm feeling quiet over here.
waiting for change to happen.
wondering what today, tomorrow, this year holds.

nothing feels more hopeful to me
than an expectant mother.

she (above) is certainly a beautiful one
that i had the privilege to photograph.
(thank you ellyn!!)

i love maternity photography...
(sneak peak post here.)


on another note:

a friend recently sent me this post to read
by a christian author named jen hatmaker.
i've never read anything by her except this post.

but it was beautiful
in it's honesty
(about her struggles with bringing her adopted children home)
and in it's encouragement
to reach out to one another more.

if you have a moment today, enjoy it.

happy friday!!


amy said...

katie, the post that you shared by jen hatmaker...well, beautiful. it brought me to tears. thank you for sharing.

keri said...

i adore these photos. and i just read that blog post by jen...like amy, it brought me to tears. wow.