a little something special:

those kids of yours... 
they're are getting all tucked into their little school year routines, aren't they?

we're certainly trying over here.
some areas are running a tad smoother than last year, 
but others feel quite rocky~

like managing the constant stream of papers coming home~
that one always takes some getting used to.

one form i'm thankful to not fill in
is the picture day form.

because i want to really like the photos that are supposed to commemorate 
my kids growth through the years.
i want the photo to look like my kid normally looks.

perhaps you're ready for a photo of yours that you like as well?

good news:
i'm offering a "school photo" special from now until the end of october.
the after school special.
(named after those movies i loved growing up.)

this is a quick and easy mini photo shoot
aimed at getting a photo that you love of your favorite school kid.

including your choice of one simple digital option
and one print package option.

package options start at $45.
(discounts offered for siblings.)

less papers, less hassle, less disappointment. ;)


Angie Davis said...

one of my fav photos of yours now!

Embrace the Circus said...

Geography is a such a spoilsport! Rats!

Scott Roche said...
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