happy friday | 10.21.11

(and a little sneak peak)
i thought i'd share some pacific northwest fall beauty with you this happy friday:
 i mean, really, could it be greener??
or more vibrant? 

these two photos were taken during a photo session just last weekend,
fall is showing off all of it's glory right now.

elliot and i have been calling the changing leaves on the trees "fireworks."
slow motion fire works.

the grand finale is happening soon.
keep your eyes open.

(more to come soon from this session)

next friday, i'll be working hard in CA... i have a full weekend ahead of me there.
i can't wait to see repeat clients and work with new clients!
sometimes i feel like the luckiest girl alive with this job!

happy friday all!!

1 comment:

keri said...

wow. i just want to roll around in that grass. its beautiful. and i love seeing those trees. soooo different than georgia pines!