little pumpkins

part of our day off last week was spent 
in mismatched clothes, rain boots, and mud
at the pumpkin patch.
(sauvie island, or)

i love when these urban kids get to run around in wide open spaces.

perhaps they thought the perfect pumpkin might run away?
we told them they could pick out any pumpkin they wanted.

the only rule was that they had to be able to carry it themselves.

three of the kids followed the rule well.
one of them bent the rule by rolling his very large choice all the way back.
(hint: he's not pictured below.) 

it's amazing to me how filled up i feel from an outing like this.
open space. my favorite five people. saying yes more. laughing. playing. moving.
being all together.

it's good. it's abnormal. and i'm thankful.
there will be some roasted pumpkin seeds in our future for sure.


Jean Joiner said...

Love these photos! Happy pumpkins!

Angie Davis said...

happy you had this trip, and hoping you have many more days like this!