stay warm this winter.

just in case you're feeling a little blue 
about the cold weather coming, 
or completely frightened

by the grey wintery days ahead,
i thought i'd suggest some ways to warm up:

1. snuggle up to a tree,
 2. run around like you're being chased by a dragon,
 3. dress like a polar bear,
5. keep warm and cozy in a knitted cap.
do whatever it takes.
just keep warm.

happy end of thanksgiving- back to school tomorrow- almost december!


Mrs. Renauer said...
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Mrs. Renauer said...

This is adorable! Good advice for delving into the cold months. :) Waterfront "running like you're being chased by a dragon" is my favorite tip. (Or paddle like you are being chased by a dragonboat). :D

Jean Joiner said...

I love the polar bear!