this thanksgiving,
let's all hold those we love
just a little tighter.

(more to come kay family!)

we'll be giving thanks around a smaller table this year.
we have our dear friend david coming for a visit.

i'm always amazed by how friends can feel like adopted family
when you live so far from your own.

but this christmas, we'll be visiting our family!
we're all looking forward to that.

in the midst of digital connections,
i'm thankful for the actual physical presence
we can have with one another.

coffee with a friend.
a quick hug in passing.
a warm meal shared.
(especially the kind that has turkey and gravy.)

i'm hoping you all are surrounded by friends and family this thanksgiving.
and that you have many things to give thanks for.

i'd love it if you'd share one thing here...
being thankful can be contagious.
and so refreshing in the midst of all the complaining in the world.

happy thanksgiving to all!!


Roni said...

This year I am most thankful for Christs guidance and the wisdom/humility to follow.

In Particular said...

Ahhh! Beautiful!!!!! XOXO Happy Thanksgiving dear Katie.

Dado said...

We are thankful that we will be seeing all of y'all in just a few short weeks!!
Tell David "hello" from Dado and thank him, for me, for being such a gooood friend to all of you.

Angie Davis said...

oh my. i must get a photo shoot with you sometime. one day. your photos have gone from great to breathtaking!

thankful for so much this year. i feel blessed with family and friends ~ even far away~ far more than i deserve.

Jean Joiner said...

thankful for my 1 year old little boy with his new toothy grin! and the way he snuggles close when he's sleepy.

keri said...

so thankful for friends FAR and near.