quiet space.

walking into a home
with a newborn,
always feels a little like walking on sacred ground.
there is a quiet wonder present.
even when the little one doesn't want to contribute to the quiet.
life has become new.
and new life means that we're changed people.
and in some way,
there is a new space available for us.

to think, to hold, and to say "it's nice to meet you." to the one who has come.
even to sit and simply wonder.
to be amazed.
to be confused.
to be unsure of this new path we walk down.
and to rejoice and rest in it.
i've been thinking this holiday season
about space.

about emptying.
about how different my house is from this house.
my family is loud.
we leave our stuff everywhere.

the noise and the clutter can crowd me.
so i've been on a determined path to empty
this year rather than fill.

but despite the differences in appearance,
my feelings for my family
is the exact same warmth
that you see in these photos.

it is right and good for them to be in my arms.
for us to sit together
and wonder.

to make space for that type of being.
(a big thanks to this sweet family for allowing me to tread, camera in hand, on your "sacred ground")
((pregnancy shots here.))


in the story of Jesus birth,
it's easy for me to vilify the inn keeper
for having NO SPACE in the inn.

but how much space do i have to offer?
to those i love? to the emmanuel child?
to my neighbors and those suffering right in front of me?

i'm in the midst of purging the house, packing, cleaning, etc.
because we're off to visit our family for the holidays.
in some ways, this Christmas feels simpler because we're not staying here.
(although we'll really miss being home.)

i'm looking forward to being away from our home responsibilities for a while
and hoping for "empty" minutes to sit and wonder...
for the gift of quiet space.

hope you have some of the same.


keri said...

love love love that 5th photo of just baby in bottom of photo. and really love them all...and even sweeter with the words you chose. you are so good. amazed again.

katie said...

thanks keri!! that really means a lot.

Jean Joiner said...

i love the 3rd photo...so cute and so "real". that is how life with a newborn is...sitting and looking and wondering what to do next. i love the last photo too...reminds me to slow down and kiss my little ones heads while i still can.

katie said...

thanks jean! i never take any of your compliments for granted. the last photo makes me want to kiss my littles too!