game day.

okay, okay. you've all heard enough about football this season, right?
and i'm not fooling myself to think you really care.
but i have to admit.
i sorta do.

it's not that i've ever been a fan of sec football.
there have even been years where i've pretended to like a team or something.
everyone wants to fit in right?
and it's pretty much a required part of citizenship in the south anyway.
i've attended some auburn games in my youth.
i almost went to UGA,
but all in all i just haven't cared about the whole thing.

but here's the deal. 
we're now living all the way in OREGON.
and i have two boys that LOVE the university of alabama.
and all of a sudden, my hubs really cares.
so whatever.
 i love them.
they love bama.
so i say, 
"roll tide?"
get your game face on!

(plus, game day is a really great excuse to show you my adorable little nephew.
i'm missing his squeezy little body so...)

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Angie Davis said...

your kiddos are so going to U of A. :)