sunny sundays.

it's beautiful outside here.
and the sunshine made me think about things like this:
and this: 
isn't that what everyone is thinking about right now?
worms and boiled peanuts? hmmm?

okay. maybe not, but at least i know you've been anxiously waiting to see our day o' fishing in rural ga.
right? please say "yes."

okay great. here are some pictures of very happy children on a beautifully sunny day in georgia:
(not to mention a gorgeous property.)

okay. whew.
i'm glad we finally did this.
now we can all enjoy our sunny sunday.
go for a walk. read some c.s. lewis.
or wait, maybe you should go fishing?

((thanks to grandpa for the fishing day!))

bonus offer: if you subscribe to my blog today, (down below)
i'll send you a full size digital copy of your choice of the worm photo or the boiled peanuts.
who in the world could refuse that?!
i fully expect two of you to do it.
boy howdy!!


keri said...

love me some boiled peanuts! worms? not so much. looks like a fun day. remember that time we went fishing at the lake? oh yeah, you were in bed puking all weekend.

caroline said...

how did you get the fish to color coordinate with the children's clothes??

katie said...

oh caroline, my skills reach far and wide. ;)

j i l l said...

Hey Katie! I'm a day late seeing this, and I already subscribe . . . but I'd LOVE a full res worm photo for the boys' room! Or at least permission to print a small one? Am I too late?!?

katie said...

jill, i'd be happy to send you the worm photo! i'd love to see how you print and hang it!!

send me your email address!

Angie Davis said...

I love seeing Oliver's Portlandish attire while fishing in AL!