happy friday | 1.27.12

today is typically a work day for me,
but i've got my littlest guy home with a fever.

so instead of working,
we've been watching old videos.

i think some of these are the perfect way to say happy friday!!

the beautiful oregon coast.
(i need to be there again soon.)
this next one needs a little explaining.
we were at the portland children's museum.
they have a spot there where children can paint their own faces.
nic painted elliot's.
seeing his face makes me really laugh.
and last but not least,
another from younger days.
elliot. my baby.
i think i'm mourning the fact (and excited about it on the other hand)
that he's attending kindergarten next year.


(thanks for indulging me on the family home videos!)

happy friday all!


Alexis said...

I love that Elliot says nothing during the beach video - we have so many videos like that... :-)

keri said...

oh sigh. i love seeing old videos. i loved watching elliot run on the beach. his little short legs. so sweet.

ballroomrose said...

That last one put a grin on my face. I hope that when I have children I'll have the I endurance to pull out the camera for as many precious moments as I can.