we're working on ideas for valentines.

a few years ago, i made these little guys with the kids.
(tiny matchbox valentines filled with m&m's and skittles. thanks to inchmark.)
my kids thought they needed more candy, so we stuck a lollypop in the backs.

this year, i'm thinking about a few of these things:
Source: flickr.com via Katie on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest

we've made some clay hearts already for fun.

please feel free to share your ideas too! 


Liz Wiley said...

Katie,I found a similar crayon idea over on pinterest. Here's the link:

I think you'll love the blogger's photos of the craft.
The girls and I tried it out last night. It was great fun.
And thanks for the matchbox idea- I'm filing that away for next year.

katie said...

thanks liz! the matchboxes took less time than i thought they would and the kids really had a good time decorating them.