little miss a

i had such a fun time chasing this little one around during a session i had before the holidays! she is a doll. she is so expressive... the pictures of her big smile just make me giggle. there are a number of beautiful color shots as well, but i just loved these few i did in black and white.
so thanks to her mom for trusting me with her photos! :)
I love doing this!!

fyi (for those who are local and interested): while i'm growing this photography business, i'm only charging $50. this price includes the hour+ photo session, the photo editing and selection, as well as the digital prints. this price is going to be limited to a short time, but i just thought i would put it out there for anyone who might be considering hiring a photographer. feel free to email me with questions: prentiss.kate@gmail.com

SESSIONS AT THIS PRICE ARE NOW FULL... as of January 22nd! thanks!!
contact me for current pricing.


Dado said...

I have a comment....you go girl!

Great pics of Audrey (& Mom).

Angie Davis said...

So cute. She has grown up so much! I'd hire you if we were a little closer. Are the rest online anywhere?

Laura H. said...

Thank you, Katie, for these amazing pictures of Audrey! I highly recommend Katie as a photographer. She is so disarming with children. Audrey just thought she was playing, and Katie was able to capture many of my most treasured expressions that my daughter makes. I am so pleased with my photos. (And trust me: I am very picky.) You are getting a wonderful treat when you work with Katie! Audrey also recommends "Abi's Mommy." She still (over a month later) asks for Abi's Mommy to come and play!

keri said...

yay!! what a sweet comment and plug for you above!

Jean Joiner said...

these are all wonderful. i particularly like the ones at the window. thanks for sharing your work with us. audrey is adorable.

love you!

jess said...

i love these, kate! especially the first one.