oh sunny day.

this is just a sampling of a typical day around here, in the late afternoon. elliot is happy when he is outside. he loves taking strolls and abi is loving riding her "big" bike~ she also loves smothering her brother. she looks so grown up to me.

some days this is what i do to survive those late afternoon hours when we're all tired, hungry and waiting for daddy to come home. we go outside and hope the fresh air will cause our faces to smile. then of course, there are those other days when all i do is plop them down in front of a cartoon and hide out behind my computer or something but i don't usually take pictures of that. ;)

on another note, i'm trying to learn to shoot in the bright sun. i've always been afraid of bright, sunny photography because usually the lighting is really harsh on faces and the outcome is not so flattering. but i'm playing around with shooting into the sun like the first photo and using the sun behind the subjects like in the others. doing this can give a warm sunny feel if that's what you're going for... do you think it works here?


JMom said...

If you figure out the bright sun thing, will you share? I have the same issue!

She does look big in these pictures!!

Jean Joiner said...

cute! can't help with the photography but the kids look adorable. i love the one of elliot peeking around the stroller. does abi do well on her bike? everett really wants one.

ps-where's the dog with the paci bp is talking about on his blog?

The Hiatt Family said...

It's comforting (albeit in a rather perverse way) to know that no matter the miles between we're all doing the same thing come 4 o'clock! Here's to sweet times this afternoon.

wisch. said...

mazzy has that same exact outfit. down to the putting dress with jeans. must be something about their moms living together for so long and sharing [stealing] clothes. great photos, kate.