perfect little us.

this is us.
when we are perfect.
see how well put together we all are?
everyone clean and smiling?
take a good look.
it won't last.
all six of us.
dad and mom (together since 1997),
nicholas (2000), oliver (2001), abigail (2004), elliot (2007)

sometimes, we divide like this.
2 kids to one parent.
feed, bathe, read, play, brush teeth, homework...

one day, we'll divide this way.
boys need time with their dad, right? ;)
i'm only trying to put their interests first.

lately, there has been a lot of this.
daddy's away, mama's in charge.
(smiling and in a dress, mind you.)
i'm so craving this.
isn't he nice and snuggly?
he pays attention to me all the time...

and the back story to the wooden people:
i saw these here first. then linked to here. immediately, i knew i had to have a set. i ordered. as i was ordering, i thought i'd get really creative and order a set for her and her growing family. i was going to give it to her at her baby shower. what a cute gift.
when i placed the order, the seller asked me where in san jose my friend lived... turns out they are next door neighbors and she already has a set.
it's a small~ wooden people~ world.


MaryMartha said...

How precious! I love those! They did a great job displaying the family...love the glasses :)

jess said...

i LOVE these. i saw them over on your friend's blog and wondered where i could get them. love the placement and depth of field on these ;)

Angie Davis said...

oh my - love these! how fun!

Lizard said...

hilarious...I told Gemmie I might be ordering a new set. I am thinking something summery....

keri said...

very cute. i didn't know that you had some too :) i love bp's glasses and gotee. and your pretty purple cheeks. and is abi taller than o? :)

Jean Joiner said...

i'm hoping for a little more of the last one for you considering that bp's been gone a lot lately. :)

lauren said...

that is hysterical. i want those!!!

kristen said...

These are so cute, and I love your pics of them!

JMom said...

I am ordering some now---hope you get a referral commission. :-)

Lori said...

LOVED this post (Big Smile)!!