dental health.

everyone learns to brush their teeth from their big sister, right?

i found them quietly spending time in the bathroom.
is this brushing or gagging?
he wants to do it himself.
"i will get toothbrush from sister's hand!"
victory is sweet.
so is toothpaste. (apparently.)
don't worry, i didn't let him have toothpaste more than... twice.
this incident happened before the little guy knocked his tooth out...
there is an update to come on that!


Angie Davis said...

i love how 'motherly' abi looks in the first picture - i've been wondering how she has handled being a big sis. :)
i remember brushing her teeth.....
is it weird that this made me miss not only your kids, but that bathroom?
surely the bathroom just makes me think of your kids.

Jean Joiner said...

so cute. everett's already begun
'teaching' camille things...kind of scary. :)