six people | twelve times | october 2010


remember how i told you we forgot my camera when we traveled to the south?

well, we didn't really forget it as much as we lost it.
we couldn't find it anywhere. but felt it had to be in our home.

well, i'm happy to report that it was FOUND!!
(ahem, in the dry cleaning basket. what?!)
(i really jumped up and down when i saw it!)

the memory card contained the most fabulous photos on it.
from halloween.

and i'm pretty sure your lives will be more complete after having seen these photos of us all dressed up.
no need to thank me.

this, ladies and gentlemen, is the six of us in october:
(i'm not even kidding you.)
can anyone guess who brian is dressed up as??
i know we all look sorta ridiculous, but his "wig" in particular cracks me up.
and he wore it~ to a party where we hardly knew anyone. 
honestly, i LOVE that about him. LOVE that.

so, the rest of the line up included (left to right):

1. a mighty powerful batman. (with arm punching action included.)

2. the littlest witch complete with a broom and a look that could turn you into stone.

3. dr. jekyll and mr hyde.  (i'm not sure you'd want to run into him in a dark alley.)

4. a zombie-like hobo. (is that pc for a kid to dress like a hobo? i dunno. 
we were last minute and desperate.)

5. and of course the most fabulous witch you've ever laid eyes on. HA! she knows no evil spells, 
but will serve you a mean chili and a cold beer if you stop by on halloween.

 one of our halloween traditions is to have all of our neighbors over.
we started this in CA with our friends on carol ave....
and for the two years we've lived here, we've invited our neighbors to stop in.
the kids draw an invitation and drop it off to everyone.

it's a favorite event of ours for sure.
i wonder if after seeing us like this the neighbors will come again next year. ;)
perhaps from this pose you can tell who brian is a bit better? 

(are you impressed with my light hanging/cord hiding skills in the background?
everything is always perfect and fancy around here!)

i love october.
the fall is beautiful in portland, 
but i also love it because the school routines are more comfortable by then,
and the holiday festivities are just starting to ramp up.

the month started with my photography trip to CA 
with my "assistant" oliver,
and ended with bags and bags of candy.

it doesn't get much better than that for me!


emilymr said...

I LOVE you in purple hair. Seriously!!

Angie Davis said...

what a shame it would have been if you never found your camera! what a treat. thanks for sharing!

mr. t???

keri said...

ok, that last pic of bp really had me laughing out loud. LOL LOL LOL. :) the costumes are all fab!

April Barber said...

I love, love, love, love, love the picture of the six of you. And I agree- you look awesome with purple hair!

Jean Joiner said...

elliot is hilarious. great to see halloween pics in mid-january. :)

Dado said...

LOVELOVELOVE this. Like finding a hidden treasure for sure!

and, yessss to the purple hair and the most awesome Batman EVER!!

Jodi Worlow said...

You guys are the cutest family! I loved the pics! Glad you found your camera!

Caroline said...

I have to say I'm in agreement about the hair. I think purple suits you!

Auntie B said...

Too fun! Glad you found the camera and these pix. Waiting to see a post about your... knitting!