mini family portrait sessions | two.

session one was posted here.
this was session two of the four in a row family mini photo sessions.

first, this is the group shot they chose:
love it.
i got to photograph this family when baby brother was first born.
and later when he was around one. (is that right?)
amazing that now he's such a big boy!!

i can totally relate to how the whole family adores the little guy.
(we have one of those "adored little guys" ourselves.)
whatever he does is clever and cute!
(can't you see it in their eyes?)

and the girls.... 
oh, the beautiful twins.
so far in all, i've photographed three sets of twins. (one set of triplets.)
it doesn't get old!!!
(i love how their big brother cracks them up!)
once again, it's such an honor to grow with families!
i love capturing you as you change!

and this family in particular i love being with.
thank you for sharing yourselves with me again!!


Jean Joiner said...

beautiful family, beautiful photos!

Brian Prentiss said...

wonderful shots. such a cute fam!