a sunny sort of grey.

the morning was quiet.
with heavy fog.
the lines of the trees on our street captivated me.
connected and separate.
fighting for distinction.
reaching for sun.

quiet shadows lined in a row.
for miles.
i ran to the windows.
out the front door.
wanting to savor and save it.

up to the attic window.
to see.
the quiet sky.

my feet dangled through the open attic window.
taunting my usual life on the concrete below.
i watched. 
clicked the shutter.
a few moments were mine.
before the sun came out to play.
 and dance on the petals of a blooming gift of mine.
 to encourage a little bud to open up.
 and rejoice in it's own beauty.

not every day is wintery grey here in portland.
which helps me remember
that the greys in our lives don't stay forever.


Dado said...

A Friday kinda post on Thursday. HA....you're a bit ahead vs a bit behind.
And ....by the way....it made me nervous seeing your toes hanging out that window!

keri said...

i like seeing the stripey socks. and you are very reflective today. and i like grey...kinda my favorite color right now.

Jean Joiner said...

love your socks...you have to have cool socks when you live in portland, right?

Roni said...

And just when you think you can't take the grey any longer...

papa said...

thanks for the flowers which remind me that spring is somewhere just around the corner. if you're counting the minutes like i am, 73,440 to go.

Caroline Little said...

Katie, you inspired me to post today...a beautiful passage from WInd in the willows which reminded me of your incredible photography of winter. Thanks for sharing!