good friday | 4.22.11

i lost my temper again this morning.
i was too late, too stressed, too tired.
and i was mean to the little ones i love so dearly.

often, the mornings are when i see my ugliness most clearly.
i can be so quick tempered.

though i try so hard to appear beautiful,
it's obvious i'm a broken person.

one who does the very thing i don't want to do
and doesn't do the thing i desperately do want to do.
i'm a cracked vessel.

some of my crevices run deeper than i'm willing to admit.
and contain more dirt and muck than i want to see.

but jesus sees.

and he was willing to be broken
for my brokenness. 
he was willing to be
ripped from his perfect relationship with god- his father.
ripped from his perfect home.
ripped from his perfect record.
so that this broken vessel-
that i-
could be filled with his beauty.
this is not always easy for me to believe.

but god gives me eyes to see it.
and in those moments when i do,
my entire way of being
is changed.
made beautiful.

good friday
is a dark day.

 christians remember it
so that we are not tempted to think
it was unnecessary.
that we're not that bad-
or that we can fill our own broken souls.

it is a dark day,
but it is good.


keri said...

so beautiful kate.

Kaytee said...

Thanks for this. I love the images with the words. We would all be wise to remember our brokenness and God's powerful grace.

michelle repolles said...

sigh. so true. thanks so much for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

K- I can so relate today. When I look in the mirror, I don't like what I see. I don't like the words that I say , nor the things that I think. But, I now I am picturing those pink petals and I know Jesus is filling me up and in. Thanks- you inspire me.

StHarryByGrace said...

Katie, wow. Thanks for the reminder that Christ died for a bunch of depraved fools like me, not because we could make it, but because we didn't know how to spell clue, never mind having one. :)

JMom said...

Totally linking over here. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Happy Good Friday to you!

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

thanks, Katie.

Jean Joiner said...

thanks for the reminder!

Betsy Huey said...